Prof Jon Emery

Senior Faculty

Prof Jon Emery

Jon is the inaugural Herman Chair of Primary Care Cancer Research and an NHMRC Practitioner Fellow at the University of Melbourne, an innovative role within the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC). He is also Director of the Australian Primary Care Collaborative Cancer Clinical Trials Group (PC4). He was previously Professor of General Practice and Head of the School of Primary, Aboriginal and Rural Healthcare at the University of Western Australia.

Jon moved to Australia in 2004 from the University of Cambridge and has developed a joint research programme in Australia and Cambridge on cancer and genetic medicine in primary care with CanTest Director Fiona Walter. He is a Visiting Research Fellow at Cambridge in recognition of this joint programme. Following his medical training at Cambridge and Oxford, he has had a highly successful career in academic primary care initially at Oxford, where he obtained his DPhil on cancer risk assessment tools, then at Cambridge before taking up the Chair at the University of Western Australia.

Jon’s research focuses on primary care oncology and the development and evaluation of complex interventions including computerised risk assessment and decision support systems, new screening and diagnostic technologies, symptom awareness campaigns, and the application of advances in genomic medicine in primary care. He is leading the development of Cancer Data Platform at the VCCC, which will link clinical general practice data to cancer hospital and cancer registry data. He will contribute to the CanTest research with specific focus on colorectal cancer and melanoma risk and diagnosis, and the use of big data to evaluate diagnostic tests in primary care.

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+61 4 1712 3271


University of Melbourne, AU

Areas of Expertise

Screening and early diagnosis; risk assessment; genomics


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