4th School Apr 2022

Following two years of restrictions due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were delighted to hold the fourth CanTest International School for Cancer Detection Research in Primary Care in person at The Queen’s College, Oxford in April 2022. The School was led by CanTest Co-Director Professor Fiona Walter. Seasoned academics and faculty researchers, mainly from the UK and with a few from overseas, came together for stimulating shared learning, creative lunches and networking walks.

Centred around the theme of ‘Big Ideas’, the School focussed on building existing research themes for the next five years and developing new opportunities. This included faculty members presenting their work in person and receiving peer-led feedback, plus a series of workshops to drive lateral thinking and multidisciplinary insights to address research challenges with new collaborators.

Discussions on addressing health inequalities, innovative technologies for cancer detection in primary care and the use of genomics and genetics to improve detection were led by expert teams from within the CanTest family – bringing together expertise from different countries and institutions in teams including CanTest senior faculty, post-doctoral and doctoral researchers.

The photos were captured by www.baileymg.com.