Public Involvement

CanTest has had Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) at its heart from the outset. Patient views are at the core of the programme and are represented throughout the research lifecycle, often through co-creation. The CanTest PPI Panel is led by Margaret Johnson and has representatives linked to all four CanTest UK institutions. In addition, the Panel liaises with the CanTest international institutions. Panel members work closely with researchers and make an invaluable contribution to CanTest’s research and direction.

How the PPI Panel is involved

Our PPI representatives are involved in CanTest activities at all levels, from contributing to study protocols, publications and patient information leaflets through to providing strategic direction on the CanTest Steering and Stakeholder groups. Pete Wheatstone, who has worked with researchers at the University of Leeds on several CanTest projects, says:

“My role is to ask the questions that ordinary patients might ask and help make the documents they produce understandable to the general public. I know almost nothing about biology or health but using my cancer experience and with their support, it’s been really easy to help them. There’s no such thing as a ‘dumb question’ and often it’s the ‘dumb question’ that really gets them thinking – which they appreciate.”

Read more about the CanTest PPI activities and some of our panel members in the below links and also here on the Cambridge Primary Care Unit’s website.