The CanTest Framework describes a clear transitional pathway from test development to routine clinical use
Building capacity in the primary care cancer research field
International group focusing on primary care cancer diagnostics
Senior faculty and researchers located in nine locations worldwide

The CanTest Collaborative

The CanTest Collaborative, funded by a Cancer Research UK Catalyst Award, is an international team of primary care cancer researchers working on early detection and diagnosis of cancer.

CanTest’s rapidly growing portfolio includes over 50 active projects that cover a range of different cancers, with a focus on the ‘common’ cancers such as lung and colorectal, and the ‘hard to detect’ cancers such as pancreatic and ovarian. These typically present in primary care with non-specific symptoms and tend to be diagnosed after the cancer has become advanced and less amenable to curative treatment.

Underpinning all our research is the CanTest Framework. Published in mid-2019, it provides a conceptual approach for the evaluation of diagnostic tests along the translational pathway, from development to routine use in primary care, and addresses some key aspects missing from previous approaches.

Since commencing in April 2017, CanTest has created an enviable global community of clinicians and scientists, building capacity via its pioneering International School for Cancer Detection Research in Primary Care and associated Travelling Fellowship scheme. The latter enables researchers to visit CanTest institutions and connect with colleagues in the wider Early Detection and Diagnosis community.