Travelling Fellowships

As part of CanTest’s Faculty programme, we will be supporting the development of our Junior Faculty in two ways – by hosting the annual International School for Cancer Detection Research in Primary Care and through a Travelling Fellowship scheme.

The CanTest Travelling Fellowships are specifically designed to enhance the research skills and expertise of our Junior Faculty, as well as fostering the development of multi-institutional collaborations. They will fund Junior Faculty to spend time in other parts of the CanTest Collaborative, attend conferences or courses, network with senior and junior peers, acquire exposure to specific methodological approaches and/or form collaborations with other researchers or specialists in their topic area.

CanTest Junior Faculty can apply for funding to support the following activities:

Junior Faculty are encourage to discuss plans for any Travelling Fellowship application with the Senior Faculty at their own and potential host institution, prior to application.  Once submitted, applications will be reviewed and assessed by the CanTest Faculty Group using the following five criteria:

  1. Demonstration of the fellowship being at a suitable time in the applicant’s trajectory
  2. Research skills and experience to be gained, in respect of the candidate’s current learning or professional development needs
  3. Opportunity to develop, undertake or complete multi-institutional collaborations, with clarification about how the fellowship relates to a specific CanTest project
  4. Expected outcomes
  5. Financial planning

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To find out more about the scheme and for an application form, please contact Dr Valerie Sills (Programme Manager – Faculty and Finance)