Dr Valerie Sills

Programme Manager (Faculty & Finance)

Dr Valerie Sills

Valerie has operational responsibility for the strategic delivery of CanTest’s objectives, in partnership with the Exeter Programme Manager. She has overall responsibility for CanTest finances, Faculty and the annual International School for Cancer Detection Research in Primary Care – working closely with the Director in Cambridge, Fiona Walter. In addition, she works on Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) with the PPI lead.

Prior to CanTest, Valerie worked as a technology consultant, initially at Sagentia Ltd and subsequently via her own company. This work was varied in nature but the common theme was medical technology innovation. Many of the projects focussed on next generation medical devices, developed to meet the needs of the end users.

Valerie is a physicist by background and has carried out research in non-invasive diagnostic technologies. Her PhD research focussed on optical measurement of the oxygenation of the blood in the retina. She later worked with a company making MRI equipment for clinical, research and industrial applications


+44 (0)1223 762554


University of Cambridge

Areas of Expertise

Project management, medical technology, non-invasive diagnostics, physics


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