Dr Cristina Renzi

Junior Faculty

Dr Cristina Renzi

Cristina is a public health physician and Senior Clinical Research Associate in epidemiology with a specific research interest in the evaluation of diagnostic pathways and factors influencing timely cancer diagnosis. In her role as principal investigator of a Cancer Research UK Early Diagnosis Advisory Group grant her work has focused in particular on evaluating opportunities for reducing emergency cancer diagnosis.

Using both quantitative and qualitative research methods, Cristina has also evaluated possible unintended consequences of an ‘all-clear’ diagnosis, highlighting the importance of safety-netting and ongoing vigilance by both patients and doctors after diagnostic investigations. She has recently been awarded a BMA TP Gunton award for research in public health relating to cancer for her work on opportunities for reducing emergency presentations and improving early cancer diagnosis.


University College London, UK

Areas of Expertise

Early diagnosis, epidemiology.


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