Dr Owain Jones


Dr Owain Jones

Owain works as a Clinical Research Associate with the CanTest team in the Primary Care Unit at the University of Cambridge in the Cancer group led by Dr Fiona Walter. He is looking at the use of dermoscopy in UK primary care for the diagnosis of malignant melanoma. Dermoscopy is a non-invasive technique using polarised light and magnification to look at suspicious skin lesions in more detail. It has been widely recommended for GP use by clinical commissioning groups and experts, but currently there is a lack of evidence for its use in primary care. He is primarily interested in the accuracy of dermoscopy, its acceptability to patients and GPs, and whether it can be used effectively to improve the triage of suspicious skin lesions in primary care.

Owain’s background is in clinical medicine having attended Brighton and Sussex Medical School and completed GP training in Bridgend, South Wales. He completed the MPhil in Clinical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, researching the protein complexes that underlie the Charcot-Marie-Tooth Diseases. He currently combines his CanTest role with work as a part-time GP.


University of Cambridge, UK

Areas of Expertise

Dermoscopy, melanoma, primary care


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