Dr Marie-Louise Ladegaard Baun


Dr Marie-Louise Ladegaard Baun

Marie-Louise is a member of the CanTest Junior Faculty and a PhD fellow at the Research Centre for Cancer Diagnosis in Primary Care at Aarhus University, led by Professor Peter Vedsted.

Marie-Louise’s PhD focuses on earlier detection of ovarian cancer in primary care. She has conducted a clinical feasibility study in Denmark, providing GPs direct access to transvaginal ultrasound for women presenting vague non-specific symptoms.

Her research study adds to the knowledge on how primary care can be supported with relevant first-line investigations and whether this approach is feasible in primary care and how it fits into the cancer pathway. The study will provide important knowledge on how to plan a larger international study on direct, fast access to first-line TVUS.

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+45 89426010


University of Aarhus, DK

Areas of Expertise

Earlier diagnosis of ovarian cancer


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