Dr Alice Forster


Dr Alice Forster

Alice is a Senior Research Associate with the CanTest team at UCL, based in the ECHO (Epidemiology of Cancer Healthcare & Outcomes) Research Group led by Professor Yoryos Lyratzopoulos. Her background is in behavioural science and she is particularly interested in whether diagnostic tests and strategies are acceptable to patients and their doctors, and the use of behavioural science approaches to understanding how different cancer tests/strategies are (or not) used.

Alice combines her CanTest role with her Cancer Research UK Cancer Prevention Fellowship which focuses on reducing ethnic group inequalities in HPV vaccination. She previously worked on epidemiological studies based on healthcare records to examine the impact of NHS Health Checks using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink (CPRD) and the impact of attendance for diabetic retinopathy screening using routine screening data, combined with consulting work for the NIHR Research Design Service. She completed her doctoral studies at UCL working with Professor Jane Wardle on attitudes towards HPV vaccination. In her first post-doctoral position at King’s College London she conducted research on promoting early presentation of breast cancer among older women.

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+44 (0)203 198 3293


University College London, UK

Areas of Expertise

Behavioural science. Understanding the evidence on referral pathways for patients with non-specific/vague symptoms that may relate to cancer.


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