Leeds gives back to CRUK fundraising effort



The Leeds CanTest team was recently invited to write an article for Trends in Urology & Men’s Health. This discussed the potential application of urine tests to help identify which patients consulting their GP for blood in their urine are more likely to have bladder cancer and therefore require an urgent hospital referral.

When the researchers were rewarded with a sum of £150 for the article, they decided to donate it to Cancer Research UK, which funds their work.

Cancer Research UK, like many other charities, has suffered hugely from the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and has had to make drastic cuts to its research funding. This means potential life-saving projects led by world-class scientists have been left unfunded.

Dr Erica di Martino, CanTest Research Fellow at the Leeds Institute of Health Sciences said:

“It was a no brainer that this money should go to Cancer Research UK, to help the charity through these difficult times.  As a team, we are also planning a large fundraiser event later in the year to continue supporting their vital work.”

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