CRUK Annual Review 2016/17

CRUK says “Thanks to you we’re beating cancer”

CRUK are celebrating another year of life-saving research, giving thanks to their many supporters. Highlights from their success stories, along with their annual report and more can be found here.

CRUK’s Annual Review 2016/17 is packed with highlights of their work across the UK and the inspiring stories of people who have benefited from it. CanTest’s Prof Willie Hamilton and Dr Fiona Walter feature on Page 14 of CRUK’s Highlights publication. Fiona explains:

“The earlier we diagnose cancer, the more treatment options there are for patients and the more successful treatment is likely to be. That’s why we’re investigating whether some tests could be carried out in GP surgeries as accurately, effectively and safely as they can be in hospitals…It’s a hugely exciting project. I’m delighted to be working on something that feels really worthwhile and could make a huge difference to patients in the future.”

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