CanTest researchers hit new milestone as publications surpass 200

Members of the CanTest Collaborative reached a significant achievement this month as their author contributions to over 200 scientific papers were celebrated. The team has co-authored a vast range of articles, editorials and reports as part of their research into the early detection and diagnosis of cancers, all of which can be viewed here (and with more due to be published).

The CanTest group is comprised of core and affiliated researchers and has been producing outputs under the CanTest umbrella since 2018, maximising collaborations across the 9 international CanTest institutions, as well as utilising expertise from external networks and organisations.

The importance of scientific networks (and their impact on the creation of outputs) has recently been investigated as part of a study developed by CanTest researchers, entitled: ‘The evolution and co-evolution of a primary care cancer research network: From academic social connection to research collaboration’.

This analysis drew upon academic social network data and the evolution of research collaborations within the CanTest Collaborative, mapping the development and growth of relationships throughout the lifespan of the CanTest initiative. Group dynamics and individual characteristics were taken into account, with the benefit of creating academic social relationships to stimulate effective research collaboration clearly demonstrated.

A related CanTest study looking at what and how network collaboration adds to the development of researchers is also available to read here: Factors determining development of researchers within a research network on cancer diagnosis in primary care (CanTest): an interview study

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