CanTest launches scholarships to welcome the next generation of cancer detection researchers

One of the principal objectives of the CanTest Collaborative is to increase both the capacity and sustainability of cancer detection research in the UK and internationally. Following five years of successful capacity building within the CanTest programme via four international schools and travelling fellowships, we now wish to offer scholarships to attend our fifth and final CanTest International School for Cancer Detection Research in Primary Care.

The School will be held in Cambridge, UK from 16th-18th November 2022 and will feature teaching from experienced CanTest faculty on key research topics and methodologies as well as masterclasses from CanTest Senior Faculty. Networking, group workshops and the sharing of work will be high on the agenda, and participants are encouraged to bring and develop ideas for collaboration.

The competitive scholarship scheme is a new initiative designed to reach out to early career researchers in the field of early detection & diagnosis of cancer, offering the opportunity for costs to be covered for travel, accommodation (up to 4 nights) and attendance at the School. Researchers can be from anywhere in the world and we are particularly keen to receive applications from researchers in Lower and Middle Income Countries.

Previously, the CanTest International School was by invitation-only for CanTest researchers and aligned collaborators, however, as the CanTest Collaborative moves towards the next era, we are dedicated to ensuring that knowledge is shared and future pathways are forged ready to make further advances in the development of cancer detection research.

We are very keen to hear from anyone interested in the scholarship scheme, so please click here for more information or to find out about previous CanTest schools.

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