International dataset inventory for the CanTest collaborative

Who is involved?

Project Summary

International collaboration is needed to foster and improve research in the field of cancer diagnosis and primary care.

One of the aims of CanTest is to increase capacity and sustainability of research internationally with the objective of improving cancer diagnosis and outcomes in primary care.  International collaborators have a range of data available to them that could be utilised in such research, such as comparing diagnostic pathways or assessing the availability and impact of access to different types of testing in primary care.

In April 2018, the first CanTest International School was held. We identified the need for documenting and describing what data sources were available across the CanTest collaborative.  This is intended to act as a starting point for researchers and to increase knowledge and awareness across the collaborative of what data is available, what research using data is being/or has been undertaken and how data may be used for collaborative or comparative purposes.

Different information types are required to support research across the broad field of cancer diagnostics and primary care. Linkage of data between healthcare levels and cancer registries will provide evidence of diagnosis on long term outcomes and possible linkage between countries will make comparison of various diagnostic pathways possible.

This project aims to create a simple repository with detailed information on the data available, and linkage possibilities as well as its applicability for potential use in relation to key CanTest research objectives.

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