Frances Martin

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Frances Martin

Access to health data, particularly detailed data about general practice is a known barrier to health services research in Australia. Until now, it has not been possible to extract detailed data from general practices and therefore, care given in this setting has been largely invisible to health services research. The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) Data Platform is the first comprehensive project to extract and link primary care, hospital administration and cancer registry data in Australia.

My PhD project will assess the validity and develop methodology for use of the VCCC Data Platform in health services research with a focus on primary care prior to cancer diagnosis. Using the VCCC Linked Platform, I will evaluate the diagnostic accuracy of common pathology tests in a range of cancer and symptomatic populations, as well as calculate and identify factors associated with time to diagnosis following presentation to primary care.

Along with my PhD work, I also tutor and lecture for a Master of Information Technology and Information Systems subject; Health Data, Information and Knowledge. The subject covers health information science and health information management – how health data is generated, collected, stored, communicated, integrated, analysed and converted into knowledge for clinical, research and administrative purposes.

Prior to commencing my PhD in March 2017, I was a graduate analyst/project officer with the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW). Whilst with the AIHW I contributed to a wide variety of projects; from routine statistical analysis to data visualisation for a variety of audiences including the general public, health service providers and academic audiences. I was also the principal researcher on a novel study modelling the contribution of vascular risk factors to dementia burden In Australia

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Population Health, Statistics, Data Analysis, Study Design, Data Linkage, Coding standards

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